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Region Poles / Greenland
Temperature -17.2°C (1.0°F)
Time 2024-07-12 23:05:28 (WGST)
Coordinates 72°34'47.7'' N / -38°27'15.8'' W
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Greenland is a North American island autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark. It is the larger of two autonomous territories within the Kingdom, the other being the Faroe Islands; the citizens of both territories are full citizens of Denmark. As Greenland is one of the Overseas Countries and Territories of the European Union, citizens of Greenland are European Union citizens. The capital and largest city of Greenland is Nuuk. Greenland lies between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. It is the world's largest island, and is the location of the northernmost point of land in the world – Kaffeklubben Island off the northern coast is the world's northernmost undisputed point of land, and Cape Morris Jesup on the mainland was thought to be so until the 1960s.
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Wind speed:
Wind gust:
ESE (106°)
Rain (last 3h):
Snow (last 3h):
Temp. min.:
Temp. max.:
UV index:
13.07 02:00

84% 5.0m/s

broken clouds
13.07 05:00

89% 4.5m/s

overcast clouds
13.07 08:00

66% 4.7m/s

broken clouds
13.07 11:00

62% 5.3m/s

broken clouds
13.07 14:00

85% 4.9m/s

overcast clouds
14.07 02:00

89% 3.3m/s

overcast clouds
14.07 14:00

21% 3.9m/s

few clouds
15.07 02:00

96% 6.0m/s

overcast clouds
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